Sunday, August 30, 2009


Gestalt Psychology literally means "shape" or "figure". Gestalt Psychology refers to the theory that the brain functions as a whole, but different than its parts at times. That doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense, but examples of Gestaltism (as it is also known) are such...

There are five laws of Gestalt psychology:





Pragnanz (German for "pregnant")

Our minds fill in the missing information, such as a puzzle of connect-the-dots. That is the essential gist of gestaltism. “There are wholes, the behaviour of which is not determined by that of their individual elements, but where the part-processes are themselves determined by the intrinsic nature of the whole. It is the hope of Gestalt theory to determine the nature of such wholes”

-Max Wertheimer (1924).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I am learning in this class

I am learning mostly about the basics of Graphic Design. It's all about sillouhettes and shapes, not lines. When you are drawing an illustration, keep in mind the basic shape and shadow of the subject and how recognizable it looks; There are quick, universal symbols and shapes that everyone recognizes.
I also learned about the quality of brushes. A good brush will make thin and thick lines, but those are the more expensive ones. To keep a brush from getting fumbled and destroyed in your backpack, make a triangular prism shape with cardboard and tape it so it fits snugly over the head and barrel of your brush. The barrel is the metal ring that binds the brush head with the handle.
Always clean your brush after you are finished using it. Don't press too hard, either. Shape the brush so that it may dry back into a pointed edge. Don't ever put a new brush in your mouth to shape it- you will get poisoned because the manufacturers put glue and insecticides on the brush for shipping. I have learned considerably much so far in this class.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

blog 2: Major and Courses

I am an Interior Design major in my senior year and I plan on one more semester. This semester I am enrolled in:
Restaurant and Store Planning
Int. detailing and Furniture Design
and Intro to Graphic Design and Illustration

Next semester:
6 credit hours of Interior Design Internship
Art History 2
Corporate and Institutional design

Test post

This is a test post.